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3 Dec

Why is this the time for serviced apartments?

The negativity surrounding the recent Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging in relevance to recent settlement plans. However, it is important to stay optimistic in these situations and look to alternatives, which is where serviced apartments come into play. It has been brought to attention that the industry of serviced apartments continues to stand strong even today in the face of difficulty. In particular, looking at the past few months during the pandemic and how we start to return to a sense of normality, the prospects for this sector have been looking more favourable than other sectors of hospitality.

As we try to co-exist with this virus as a global entity, we will have to learn to live our day-to-day lives in a more cautious manner, at least until we see the vaccine working and the virus dissipating. Until then we are left to our own devices in a more managed environment that we set ourselves to live in. As a result, it is expected that travellers, both leisure and corporate will be affected to make decisions around the factor of the pandemic and how it will impact living conditions.

The COVID-19 lockdowns have impacted businesses and consumers in many ways, especially the hospitality sectors. This is why the comparison of serviced apartments such as Dunhill and other hospitality segments measure differently from each other. The attributes of serviced apartments set the industry aside as having addressed all the issues faced by government enforced rules and regulations.

How Serviced Apartments Mitigate Impacts of Covid_19

Social Distancing It is only natural for serviced apartments to enhance social distance etiquette since they enhance privacy and independence. There is much more control over distancing between guests in your homes with enough room and space, that an outside interaction is not required.

Enhanced Sanitation

As traditional forms of hospitality such as hotels and shared Airbnbs rely on shared spaces where cleaners may come in to change linens, causes unavoidable interactions.

Dunhill serviced apartment has all the necessary equipment such as washing machines and dryers etc, for you to wash and clean yourself without the need to look for outside sources.

Our operators at Dunhill also provide complimentary sanitisers within our apartments.

Face Masks

The use of face masks are a limited requirement when apartments such as Dunhill services the seclusion of your privacy and voluntary contact with people on your own terms.

Own Food Preparation

With our fully furnished apartments and functional kitchens at Dunhill, travellers don’t need to go into contact with people at restaurants or takeaways as you have the ability to prepare your own meals at home. As opposed to hotels, Airbnb’s and other hospitality segments that have a main kitchen and food is cooked by other people, or you may be forced to eat in a designated dining area with many people.

Working from home

Working at home independently from working at the office can be quite challenging. However Dunhill serviced apartments have provided high speed WiFi networks which allows you to be able to work efficiently from home without having to engage with people in co-working areas.

In summation, Dunhill serviced apartments have all the necessary requirements to make adapting to the current situation less stressful and more safe, avoiding unnecessary interactions with people and enhancing the comfort levels within your own space. Our serviced apartments are here to provide you with all that you can get from hospitality without the need to share.

Location can make, or break, your apartment renting experience. Is it an easy commute to work/schools? Are there good entertainment facilities nearby? How close are the grocery stores? What are some of the things to do around the property? Taarifa Suites is a modern serviced apartment located along Ojijo Road, Parklands, Nairobi. Centrally located, Taarifa suites is in close proximity to a variety of exclusive shopping, dining, and local attractions perfect for any lifestyle.

Shopping Groceries

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to travel far to get your groceries, then Taarifa Suites is the location for you. There are various grocery shopping options, ranging from supermakets and hypermarkets, to open air vegetable markets within a walking distance of the property.

Some grocery shopping options are such as:

  • Agrifood Organics (120m)
  • Chandarana Food Plus Ngara (800m)
  • Beyond Fruits (1.4 km)
  • Zucchini Green Grocers (2.8 km)

Taarifa Suites is in a prime location for business travellers. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, alot of companies have adapted to having employees work from home and also remotely. The property allows business travellers the luxury of working from home, as there are dedicated working spaces complete with a desk and office chair in the apartments. However, for a business traveller that may be working remotely/from home and prefers a co-working space, Taarifa Suites is within a short distance of several co-working spaces and a few of them are as listed below.

  • Regus (550m,) Kofisi (1.4km), Nairobi Garage (1.8km), Workstyle Africa(750m), Jenga Leo Co-working (1.4km)</p>

Additionally, for those travelling with kids and looking to enroll them to schools in Nairobi, there are schools within a short radius of the property.

  • Consolata School (1.8km)
  • Oshwal Academy (1 km)
  • International private schools i.e Aga Khan Academy (1.5 km) and Premier Academy (1.6 km), Kenton College (3.8km)

Another upside of living in Taarifa Suites is that you’re so close to many of the popular bars and restaurants in Nairobi. With strict adherence to the mitigation measures put in place in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, entertainment spots in Nairobi remain open and ready to give customers an experience to remember.

Living at Taarifa Suites gives you the luxury of going out to some of Nairobi’s best restaurants and bars, all within close proximity to the property. Some of the popular establishments close by are such as:

  • Swaad Indian Restaurant (Inside Taarifa suites)
  • K1 Klubhouse (650m)
  • The Pink Apple Casino (2.5 km)
  • Mister Wok Chinese Restaurant (750m)
  • The Goan Gymkhana (900m)
  • Bao Box (1.2km)
  • The Alchemist
  • Urban Eatery
  • Peppertree
  • INTI/Honey &amp; Dough
  • Coffee Houses such as Java and Art Caffe, Barista

Whether you are a traveller looking to spend some time out in nature over the weekend, or learning historical facts at a a museum, or even purchasing curios décor items, unique-African jewellery, and fabric, Taarifa Suites is the place for you! The property’s location guarantees you a short commute to different popular attractions within Nairobi that will definitely leave you wowed and entertained during your stay.

Popular points of interest near the apartments include:

  • The Nairobi National Museum (260m)
  • Museum Botanic Garden (700m)
  • The Snake Park Zoo (700m)
  • The Maasai Market (1.6km)
  • The Nairobi National Park (12.2km)

There are plenty of private and public hospitals in Nairobi and the standard of healthcare varies depending on the type of treatment needed as well as the type of hospital one can afford. Pharmacies are also relatively easy to find and most hospitals usually have a pharmacy attached to them.

Some private hospitals in the vicinity of Taarifa Suites include:

  • MP Shah Hospital (1 km)
  • Aga Khan University Hospital (2.1km)
  • Avenue Healthcare (2 km)

These social amenities and recreational activities are only a small sample of the convenience that is afforded to guests staying at Taarifa Suites. Come and visit and let us know if you agree! 🙂

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